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Information About Micro Dermal Anchors

micro dermal anchors

So, you’re thinking about getting a micro dermal anchor.  Here’s a few things that you need to know.

This piercing is considered somewhat permanent.  A tiny foot is planted under your skin with the idea that your tissue will heal in and around the holes in the foot thus anchoring it down.  It’s important to be sure what the anchor foot is made of.  If it is surgical steel, it will have to be removed via scalpel if you need any hospital tests so please be sure that your piercer is using grade 23 titanium so that it isn’t a problem.

There are a few different methods that can be used to plant the dermal.  The least painful is the biopsy punch.  Another is the needle and stretch method.  That one hurts like a bugger.  Both are equally considered effective in getting the job done.

I’ve been hearing about the idea of doing a micro dermal anchor in place of lip piercings.  Bad idea.  For one, it causes a lot more scar tissue and your choice of jewelry will be extremely limited.  You will only be able to wear dermal tops and the threading will need to be exactly compatible with the threading on the foot so you’ll have to kiss the idea of wearing a nice small gem that just gives you that touch of glitter, good-bye.  Do your homework and be sure that this is what you want.

Care for this piercing is fairly simple.  You will leave the shop with a bandage on it for 2 days and you will need to wear one for 7 nights after the 2 days.  Cleaning is just with sea salts that we will provide you with.  It is important to unscrew the top after about 2 months because a build up of body fluids can get into the threading and bind it together to the point where you can’t unscrew it and you are stuck with the same top for the time you have your piercing.  To unscrew your top it’s best to soak it in water for 5 mins and then try to turn the top counter clockwise.  There might be some resistance so if possible try to grab the foot by pinching the skin tight around it and then try to give the top a turn.  If you still have problems just pop into the shop and we’ll unscrew it for you.

A few tips to keep your dermal healthy….

We all bang our jewelry around once in while.  Get it caught in clothing etc.  If your dermal looks angry put a bandage on it for 2 days.  This will stop it from trying to push upward if you have injured it.  It’s always a good idea to give it a good cleaning while you are changing your top.  Get the grunge out of the threading on the top and clean your skin with sea salts.


Dermals done by Laura.




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