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Piercing Rejection

belly piercing rejection

Belly Piercing Rejection


When I say “belly piercing” I am referring to the belly being pierced above the button.  A belly that is pierced below the button is considered to be a surface piercing so please refer to that link if you are looking for info on surface piercings.

Belly piercing rejection is fairly common.  The following is a list of reasons this might happen.

1/  Not enough skin in the piercing.

2/  The piercing being continuously injured.

3/  Having a deep scar that runs either above or below the piercing.

4/  Having many many deep stretch marks from child birth

5/  Metal alergies

6/  Improper jewelry used for the piercing (hoops and posts that are too short)

7/  Excessive fat on the belly

As you can see, there are many reasons why a belly piercing can reject.  The most common is having scar tissue from stretch marks or an operation.  The reason for this is that the nerves have to be able to send the message to the brain to heal a piercing.  Scar tissue can block that signal so all your body knows is that something is there but it doesn’t have enough info on it so it pushes it out because it sees it as a threat…much like a splinter.  In my situation, I had an emergency caesarean which created a long scar across my hip area.  I rejected 2 belly piercings very quickly.  The second one rejected completely within 2 weeks because my body already had experience from the first one so it was ready for the second one.  I opted for a tattoo that runs around my button, down in through the hip area and all the way down to my ninny :)

If the post that you are pierced with is too short the body will see it as an invasion because it will take too long to heal so it pushes it out.  The same goes for those hoops that some are pierced with.  If the hoop isn’t the exact diameter that is needed for your piercing it will push it out.  I have had many people come to me with problems over those hoop and I’ve replaced them with a curved barbell.  This has stopped the rejection process.

The belly button is a bit of an odd creature.  It’s made up of tissue that includes some cartilage (this includes the lip or rim).  If we are over weight that cartilage gets mixed in with a lot of fat cells so it gets too thinned out.  Because of this, it would be considered a surface piercing and all surface piercings reject eventually.  I don’t want to be negative to us ladies that are over weight though.  You can have that piercing for several years before it rejects so don’t let it stop you from getting the piercing.  All female bodies are beautiful and a little bit of glitter makes them even more sexy.

Metal allergies can send a belly piercing into a very speedy rejection.  Symptoms of metal allergies are red little bumps, veins around the piercing take on a bit of a redish colour and there is often an odd tingling around the piercing.  One or all of these symptoms can occur.  If this is the case with you then you most likely need to wear titanium or bioplast…come see us for that as we carry both.

You might want to consider a micro dermal anchor if you think you'll end up rejecting or you've already had that experience.  I've had great success with my clients and rarely do they reject.

Hope this helped.

Rejection from poor fitting hoop


Allergy to metal



Surface Piercings/Rejection

The rejection of a straight barbell surface piercings is not about will it reject but it’s about when will it reject.  The scar tissue that it leaves behind can make you wish you had though twice about it.  I’m not trying to throw away business here but I do believe that it’s a piercer’s responsibility to make sure that the customer is armed with as much info as possible before deciding on a piercing.

The body reacts to a surface piercing very much like it does to a splinter.  It kills the tissue around the exit and entrance and this ends up pushing the splinter out.  In the case of the surface piercing, it not only does this to the exit and entrance but it will work  it’s way, killing all of the tissue around the jewelry until it has successfully pushed it out.  The scarring that this creates is irreversible so we want you to think hard before you get that surface piercing on your sternum, hips, face, belly etc.  Not all surface piercings reject quickly, some can take a few years but even if you got the best piercing  job possible, all it can take is banging the piercing to set off the bodies reaction.

You can minimize the chances of a quick rejection by picking areas of the body that don’t have a lot of movement and using body jewelry that is flexible.

The following are considered surface piercings unless they are done with dermal anchors.

Sternum, bridge, bottom belly, eyebrow, anti eyebrow, hips, nape, corset, wrist ….you get the idea.


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