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How to clean your body jewelry

how to clean your body jewelry


The most important thing you should do when you receive jewelry from anywhere is to clean it.  Even if it’s in a little packet someones hands have been on it at some point.

Alcohol:  Does absolutely nothing to clean body jewelry but it does a really good job at breaking or discolouring it.  Acrylic balls will crack and plating with fade but the bacteria on your jewelry will stay no matter how many times you use alcohol on it.  There are certain types of bacteria that live well on body jewelry so if it’s on it you can count on an infection.  Please clean with dish soap only.

Boiling it:  Why do this when a simple cleaning with dish soap will do a better job.  Boiling body jewelry will crack acrylic and fade plating.

Why dish soap?  It’s a strong anti bacterial product that kills the type of bacteria that lives on body jewelry.  All dish soap is anti bacterial so it doesn’t matter which one you use.

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